Having a love for aftershave and a passion for cars, we were not individuals to shy away from buying car air fresheners ourselves. Having spent a lot of money over the years on finding the best lasting fragrances on the market for our cars, we came to the realisation of what we wanted just did not exist! We knew we had to do something...


Our brand, Turbo Scents, was built on the back of our combined personal experiences. We got sick and tired of buying cheap air fresheners hanging from our mirrors and getting in the way, lasting no longer than an hour and sprays that simply did not last long enough.

In came the idea of Turbo Scents, having spent months crafting and perfecting the fragrances we came up with the perfect solution to provide a premium air freshener with a fresh long-lasting aroma for your vehicle. Following initial orders, customer feedback has been exceptional and this made all the hard work worth it. 


Rebranding was essential to us. Having already created an air freshener that exceeded customers' expectations, we wanted to take it one step further. A team  has been formed to assist the brand's goals, designs have upgraded and our fragrances have improved to enhance the aroma that is left in your vehicle. We now know that what we have is a premium product with a solid community supporting us. Together, we are all a family.


Now that would just be telling… Before you think we're just a car air freshener brand, the best is yet to come. Stay tuned.